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EDxTallaght 2013 – The Atelier of Ideas

Michael Bhaskar

Michael Bhaskar is Digital Publishing Director at Profile Books and Serpent’s Tail. He has worked at several publishers, a literary agency, an economics research firm, founded a web startup and reviewed books for a newspaper as well as speaking and writing extensively about digital publishing and culture. Michael has a degree in English Literature from the University of Oxford and is a British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur and a Frankfurt Book Fair Fellow. His book on publishing The Content Machine is forthcoming in October. He is on Twitter as @ajaxlogos.

Orlaith Carmody

Orlaith Carmody is Managing Director of, a consultancy specialising in communications training and management development with individuals and organisations. As a keynote speaker, conference chair and seminar leader, Orlaith has addressed some of Ireland’s most influential business people and networks on the subjects of professional development and corporate leadership. A director of a number of SMEs in recruitment and production, Orlaith regularly delivers engaging and energetic seminars on Pitching for Success, Building Confidence in the Workplace, Self Esteem, Goals and Strategy & Successful Networking; and she has also presented at international conferences in the USA and Canada. 

Alongside founding her company,, in 1992 Orlaith had a successful career as a print & broadcast journalist with several Irish news organisations including RTÉ, where she is today a member of the Board of Directors.

She is married to television ‘Dragon’ Gavin Duffy and together they have four teenagers. She is an active media commentator on her blog, and contributes to a variety of radio programmes and publications.

Gerry Duffy

A professional speaker, writer and lover of extreme adventure sports Gerry Duffy’s CV is filled with accomplishments such as running 32 marathons’ in 32 consecutive days and also completing a DECA Iron distance triathlon. (24 mile swim, 1,160 mile bike and 262 mile run).

Gerry has been invited to address the workforces of companies such as Facebook, Google, Bank of America and Coca Cola. His presentations are packed with simple strategies to achieve small, medium as well as really big hairy scary goals. He has written two Best Selling Books (Who Dares, runs and Tick Tock Ten). Ironically the biggest challenge he has ever overcome is a fear of public speaking.

Rick Gannotta

Rick’s work with Mindfulness is dedicated to advancing its use in high reliability organizations (like healthcare delivery), specifically the unique situations which occur in those organizations and also for individuals engaged as members of their workforce. Rick believes that individuals and organizations which embrace “mindfulness” may see enhanced performance at both the enterprise and individual level – positively impacting one’s life.

Rick is the President of Duke Raleigh Hospital, and a Consulting Associate at Duke University School of Nursing. Research Interests include; the application of mindfulness in high reliability situations, novel healthcare delivery models, healthcare economics, strategy and futures.

Follow Rick on Twitter at @Rickgannotta.


Niall Harbison

Niall is an entrepreneur who founded Simply Zesty, a global digital agency, in 2009 and sold it 3 years later to UTV. The company started out in his spare bedroom with just €10,000 in start-up capital. The company helps brands such as Vodafone, Samsung and Sony with their social media strategies developing creative campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Niall now works on growing the company across Europe, Asia and the USA working with large international brands on their digital and social media strategies. Simply Zesty recently merged with Tibus Digital to create one of Ireland and the UK’s largest digital media agency with 50 people spread between Dublin, Belfast and London.

Niall is also an angel investor backing small Irish companies to help them create jobs and achieve the same success as Simply Zesty. His personal websites are and where he blogs his forthright reviews of restaurants in Dublin and beyond. When not working – he’s thinking about it while walking his dogs Snoop and Buster

Liam Ryan

Liam is the CEO & Cofounder at GetHealth, colead of Health2.0′s Dublin chapter, an international Healthcare Transformer in partnership with GEhealthymagination, and has been selected as one of Ireland’s top technology and startup leaders.

Liam love’s his health and want’s you to love your health too. He believes there is a need for a personality that will act as a catalyst for people to engage in their health and pioneer change. What Steve Jobs did for technology is now needed for the health industry.

Liam is working hard to change people’s lives, and give them the tools that they need for that to become a reality.

Gary Tompson

Gary brings to CLOUD and the creation of a new Internet over twenty-five years of experience in business development and strategic leadership with emerging growth and leading global technology companies. His core passion and mission is “to unleash the power of people. to allow all to dream; to allow all to harness their dreams; and to collect the power of those dreams to transform lives and society.” That personal mission is the foundation behind CLOUD – the Consortium for the Local Ownership and Use of Data, Inc – a US-based nonprofit.

CLOUD was born from Gary’s front line view of the battle with cancer. His own wife’s breast cancer made him mad; Kethan’s cancer changed him. Gary spoke of Kethan at his first TED talk at TEDxAustin. in 2011. Kethan’s recent passing after a 7 year battle with leukemia. sparked this TEDx World Tour in his honor to tell the next chapter in the story of CLOUD and how together we can beat “The Emperor of All Maladies.”

Tara Wood: Founder of Wild Fitness

Tara was brought up in Kenya where her family is from. She studied Biological Sciences at Oxford University before founding Wildfitness in 2000 at the age of 21.

Wildfitness began operating in Watamu, Kenya and since then has expanded to operate in Crete, Spain, The Isle of Wight and London. Tara continues to develop the Wildfitness courses and philosophy.

Tara practices many different ‘Wild sports’ including kite-surfing, surfing, free diving, parkour and rock climbing. Her love is developing her ‘human potential’ and the potential of her clients and staff. Tara looks to nature and our evolutionary origins to gain insight into how we should eat, move and live to get the most out of life. However, she believes that developing our own awareness and doing the things that make us feel challenged and alive are most important of all.

Tara’s underlying intent for Wildfitness is to make sure that all stake holders (clients, staff, shareholders and the environment) are all well served by the business.

Tara has worked with the leading thinkers in natural and evolutionary fitness including Frank Forencich, Nicholas Romanov, Lee Saxby and Erwan Le Corre to develop the courses.

Tara delivers a 4 day Wildfitness Coaches’ training event once or twice a year in UK and also speaks at corporate and fitness events. She is based between Kenya and London and is currently authoring the Wildfitness book.